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MV Rheintal - Yacht discharge

Thanks to our agents Kennedy Hunter for these shots of MV Rheintal discharging the yacht loaded in Ravenna, Italy. This exciting project concludes the voyage of MV Rheintal having recently discharged cargoes of steel plates in Waterford that had been loaded by our regular customers in Porto Nogaro. We look to continue the expansion of our liner services to be able to offer our customers with a wide ranging service.

Week 21 shows a continuation of a busy 2021 for Conti Carwil across our liner services we see MV Proud discharging in Casablanca having loaded in Antwerp. On our Adriatic Line MV Rimona sails for the same port having loaded timber and container project cargoes in Rijeka and Koper.

We look forward to receiving any enquiry to help our customers with any of your cargo needs.


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