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SVS Vega and Ocean Fortune - Conti Carwil’s maiden voyages

SVS Vega successfully discharged steel and timber products loaded in Antwerp to Casablanca marking the first voyage since the Conti-med and Carwil line services joined forces as Conti Carwil ltd. MV Ocean Fortune loading in Porto Nogaro and Rijeka to Casablanca and Aveiro carrying around 8000 tons of steel and timber products for our happy customers, marked the first of a number of regular voyages from Italy and Adriatic ports carried out by Conti Carwil Ltd. On the 18th of February ContiCarwil were delighted to nominate MV Tina C to load and discharge over 4000 mtons of timber products loaded in Portugal to Morocco.

Our liner services have since provided a further 13 vessels from the Adriatic, North Continent and Portugal for our customers across Europe and North Africa in the first quarter of 2018. Please visit our sailing schedule and contact us direct to see how we are able to help transport your cargo.

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