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Conti-Med and Carwil Line join forces under Conti Carwil Ltd

Conti Carwil is proud to announce the merging of the Conti-Med line, operating a monthly service from Antwerp to Casablanca, and the Carwil Line operating out of Italy and Adriatic ports to North Africa and Portugal. Conti Carwil combines the expertise and the networks of these two long standing and important lines to enhance the experience and scope that we can offer to our clients. With a further line from Portugal to North Africa added to the service offered by Conti Carwil we look to cater to the needs of our customers – no matter where the peculiarity or location of their cargo. Utilising our wealth of experience and our excellent managing agents located in our ports of loading and ports of discharge we ensure a reliable and efficient service for your cargo.

With expansion planned operating regular services out of various ports across Europe and North Africa, please get in touch to see how we can help you with your cargo needs.

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